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It Starts With You

Financial freedom is so much more than reaching a certain income. It's creating a vision and living our life based on our deepest values. 

We all have unique experiences with money - from our earliest memory to your current questions or struggles - which is why I co-create each coaching experience with you in order to help you live the greatest version of your life. 


Pillars of Practice

My financial coaching approach is built upon three foundational pillars, each designed to create a comprehensive and transformative journey towards financial well-being. The first pillar involves assessing your current situation by utilizing various assessments designed to identify your financial habits and belief systems. This step forms the bedrock of informed decision-making, enabling us to create a strategic roadmap for your financial future.

The second pillar delves into belief systems – the deeply ingrained thoughts and attitudes towards money that influence your financial behaviour. Through introspective exploration, we uncover and challenge any limiting beliefs or negative patterns, replacing them with empowering perspectives that align with your goals.

Lastly, our third pillar introduces energy healing into the realm of financial coaching. Money is not merely a physical entity; it carries energetic vibrations that can impact your financial experiences. By addressing and harmonizing these energies, we aim to remove emotional blockages and cultivate a positive money mindset. 

This holistic approach ensures that your financial journey goes beyond practical strategies, fostering a profound transformation that touches the core of your financial well-being. Together, these three pillars provide a robust foundation for you to achieve lasting financial success and a harmonious relationship with money.

I initially connected with Dallas for financial advice as I was just starting my own company and wanted to ensure I had stability and alignment in my financial planning to move towards my personal and professional goals. After just the first two sessions I was amazed at how much I actually gained: motivation, direction, understanding, but most of all discovery. 
I am not sure how she was able to gracefully dig deeper so quickly, but Dallas helped me discover so many aspects about myself that affected not just my financial success but also my relationships, my health, and more overall satisfaction with life. Without judgment, Dallas helped me reframe my thinking and to see the bigger picture in all my decisions. I'm now more confident, focused, and have a much better understanding of how to plan for the future in business and in my personal life. - CH
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