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In my experience in the financial industry, there’s nothing quite as restrictive as feeling like you’re perpetually “just getting by.” Guilt, envy, pressure, fear, helplessness—these are feelings so many of us experiences when it comes to money, but we rarely acknowledge or explore them. It’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on the good stuff in life or being left behind.

34% of People plan to retire by winning the lottery

  This is where I can help you do incredible things you have only dreamed about. As your coach and guide, I give you permission and space to honestly and openly explore what the future holds and what you are capable of achieving.

Once we have the vision, I’ll walk with you toward it with simple, feel-good steps. Financial freedom comes in two forms: First, there’s the freedom from financial burdens that weigh on us, keep us up at night, and bring us down.

Second, there’s the freedom to go after what really matters— whether that means unforgettable family vacations or the ability to host fabulous wine and cheese pairings on a casual Saturday night. Ready to find your freedom? Walk with me and let’s explore what really matters.

Dallas is literally the only human I have met in this lifetime that made me feel comfortable talking about money and finances.


"She has a natural, trustworthy approach and a holistic outlook on life - I enjoyed her personal story that she shared with me. Dallas made me feel that no matter what the situation, anything that I desire about money is possible.

I was looking for freedom and ease with money and Dallas was the perfect guide to lead my husband and I in a direction that felt less daunting due to her coaching. Today, my husband and I are more open to talking about our finances, our money story, certain patterns of fear and scarcity as well as unmet needs that lead to compulsive spending. Today we are living a better situation and a less burdening life of having to catch up with bills and being stuck in a lifestyle that wasn’t serving us, we are grateful for Dallas who set us up for success!" -SA

Dallas helped guide me through a difficult financial transaction.


"She presented me with all of my financial options and explained how each might impact my situation.  In the end, Dallas helped me feel assured that I had all of the information I needed in order to make the right decisions for me." - NB

Dallas helped me reframe my thinking and to see the bigger picture...


"Personally, I never understood the idea of “coaching”, it seemed like more of a buzzword than an actual concept of value or service. However, I initially connected with Dallas Sleeman for financial advice as I was just starting my own company and wanted to ensure I had stability and alignment in my financial planning to move towards my personal and professional goals. I was specific and regimented about what I expected from the meetings and did not have a lot of faith in the coaching process.

After just the first two sessions I was amazed at how much I actually gained: motivation, direction, understanding, but most of all discovery.  I am not sure how she was able to gracefully dig deeper so quickly, but Dallas helped me discover so many aspects about myself that affected not just my financial success but also my relationships, my health, and more overall satisfaction with life. Without judgment, Dallas helped me reframe my thinking and to see the bigger picture in all my decisions. I'm now more confident, focused, and have a much better understanding of how to plan for the future in business and in my personal life.

 I also utilized Dallas as an intermediary with my new business partner to ensure our business, financial, and future goals were aligned.   With her help, we were able to navigate difficult conversations with grace and achieve positive results that I am not sure we could have without her.

I absolutely recommend Dallas for not only financial coaching, but as a general life doula.  She inspires me to be the best version of myself and I have no doubts in her ability to uncover the best in anyone." -CH


Dallas Sleeman


I became interested in financial well-being from both personal and professional standpoints. As a mortgage broker, it was always my goal to ensure I was setting my clients up for long term success when it came to making one of the largest financial decisions of their lives. As such, I would have intimate discussions with them about their current financial picture and future goals, many of whom felt lost and alone in these regards. The more I heard “I don’t know where to start,” or “I’m scared to look,” or “I’m scared to talk to a financial advisor because they might judge me” the more I felt that I could be of greater service to those around me.

Personally, I’ve had my own struggles with personal financial management, and have had to walk the path of creating the knowledge needed to change my financial future after being knocked off course by a failed long-term relationship.

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The Truth About Financial Freedom

1. If all we needed was knowledge and tools, we would not be struggling with the stress of managing our personal finances across all levels of society.

2. In order to create a life we love now that also allows us to save for the future, having a clear vision of where we are going is essential.

3. Money is more than just math. Humans are complex beings and we make decisions for many reasons that may not be on the couscous level.

4.Financial management doesn’t have to be hard. When approached from a holistic standpoint, we can allow ourselves the ease of knowing who we are and where we’re going to direct our decisions.