You Are Not Alone

Not everyone’s needs are the same when it comes to creating and reaching your financial goals which is why I have created different ways for us to work together.

There is nothing quite as freeing as having enough money to do what feels good in life.

This is where I can help you do incredible things you have only dreamed about. As your coach and guide, I give you permission and space to honestly and openly explore what the future holds and what you are capable of achieving.

Once we have the vision, I’ll walk with you toward it with simple, feel-good steps. Financial freedom comes in two forms: First, there’s the freedom from financial burdens that weigh on us, keep us up at night, and bring us down.

Second, there’s the freedom to go after what really matters— whether that means unforgettable family vacations or the ability to host fabulous wine and cheese pairings on a casual Saturday night. Ready to find your freedom? Walk with me and let’s explore what really matters.


Often times, the biggest hurdle to realizing specific goals is having the right team in your corner to help you create a plan and remain accountable. If you’re working towards a goal like paying off debt, or saving money for a large purchase like your first home and you feel like you know what you should be doing but are having a hard time meeting your target, this coaching package may be right for you.

The Structure:

  • Credit assessment and education
  • Cash flow assessment
  • 45 minute bi-weekly coaching calls
  • Free access to monthly webinars


If you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to start with setting goals or sorting your financial life out then working together to do a deep dive into a holistic coaching approach may be a great option. Here we will explore your all aspects of personal finance including the belief systems you may have inherited, your money archetype, a vision for your future that brings you joy and excitement, and methods to stay on track for the long term.

The Structure

  • Credit assessment and education
  • Cash flow assessment - monthly
  • 60 minute bi-weekly coaching calls
  • Free access to monthly webinars

Couples and Partners

Misunderstandings and poor communication with respect to finances is the leading cause of divorce in North America, and I believe we have the ability to change this. In the individual coaching sessions we will explore your personal belief systems, archetypes and affected areas of your life that may not be directly tied to your relationship. In the couples session, we will work together to create positive patterns of communication, a safe space to create a shared vision for your future and methods to stay on track for the long term.

The Structure

  • Credit assessment and education
  • Cash flow assessment - monthly
  • 60 minute bi-weekly individual coaching calls
  • 90 minute bi-weekly couples coaching call
  • Free access to monthly webinars

Dallas Sleeman


I became interested in financial well-being from both personal and professional standpoints. As a mortgage broker, it was always my goal to ensure I was setting my clients up for long term success when it came to making one of the largest financial decisions of their lives. As such, I would have intimate discussions with them about their current financial picture and future goals, many of whom felt lost and alone in these regards. The more I heard “I don’t know where to start,” or “I’m scared to look,” or “I’m scared to talk to a financial advisor because they might judge me” the more I felt that I could be of greater service to those around me.

Personally, I’ve had my own struggles with personal financial management, and have had to walk the path of creating the knowledge needed to change my financial future after being knocked off course by a failed long-term relationship.

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